The Eastside Fought For This Scenic Hilltop, But It's Turned Into A Dumping Ground (LAist)



By Nadra Nittle, LAist, April 7, 2016

It's been a year since Liseli Walan hiked up Elephant Hill—a rare swath of sprawling green space in Northeast Los Angeles that she and neighbors fought to save from development—but she was so horrified by her experience that she hasn't been back since.

The school teacher was hoping to enjoy some greenery with her then-3-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. Instead, she found a hill strewn with beer cans and rolled-up carpets. There was an SUV filled with people boozing and blasting music, and her family was nearly struck by a truck barreling up the hill for some illegal off-roading. They jumped out out of the way just in time.

"It was no longer an enjoyable nature experience; it was sort of an assault on my family," she said.

Last year she also had to evacuate her home, near the base of the hill, after someone playing with firecrackers started a blaze. Walan never imagined such a scene when she joined her neighbors in the fight to stop a developer from building condos on Elephant Hill.

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