How A Black Lives Matter Activist Was Sentenced To 90 Days For 'Lynching' (LAist)

Nadra Nittle/LAist

Nadra Nittle/LAist

By Nadra Nittle, LAist, June 8, 2016

Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards was sentenced Tuesday to 90 days in jail after her conviction last week of an act long known in California as felony "lynching."

The charge carries a maximum sentence of four years imprisonment. The fact that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elaine Lu gave the Pasadena activist a much lighter sentence is a victory, according to Richards' lawyer Nana Gyamfi. But justice would have meant no jail time at all, the attorney said.

"She was persecuted and jailed because of her political beliefs," said Gyamfi, who plans to file an appeal.

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